Consulting and Coaching

We dig a little deeper, stay a little longer and walk that extra mile with you.


Our team is more than happy to tackle your company’s issues hands-on. We know our business on all its different levels and become fully aware of all the unused potentials within your company after a thorough analysis. Then we roll up our sleeves and train your staff in theory and practice.


Thereby we enable you to effectively benefit from your staff’s potential and to fully exhaust all the technical resources within your facilities. R-Power empowers you in doing so by a systematic analysis and individually compiled training concepts. You can count on our experience in designing and carrying out individual and innovative programs which find their basis in our expertise and knowledge of our business.    


On an operational level, we are more than happy to support your company with the establishment of management systems such as environmental management system ISO 14.001 and energy management systems such as EMAS or ISO 50.001.


R-Power has already brought extra power into several companies and has successfully conducted a number of projects in consulting and coaching. Our team is looking foward to our next challenge to dig a little deeper, stay a little longer and walk that extra mile to support your company.  

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