Research and Innovative Products

We exhaust new ideas in research and develop new ways of exhaust gas treatment.


Research-based innovation has been the founding idea of R-Power and therefore this branch of business remains a core issue to the company. The expertise and power of our team assists you in exhausting your own ideas for research and development. We help to write a research proposal if necessary, develop a scientific conception, steer the conduction of the project and evaluate the scientific data.


Furthermore, we conduct studies such as market or material flow analysis for your company and compose well-versed, professional reports evaluating your facilities. For additional assessment of your plants we carry out measurement and monitoring activities.


R-Power’s biggest strength, the development of innovative solutions and the exhaustion of all possibilities, is best brought to life by their innovative technical products. The development of these products is enabled by R-Power’s unique combination of profound know-how and a deeply-rooted interest in scientific processes. Currently we offer exhaust air and water treatment for shredders, industrial manhole covers and pallet changers.

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