The Company

With the foundation of R-Power in 2010, Franz Blauensteiner established a company primarily focused on Research & Development. Founder Blauensteiner soon succeeded in inventing a prototype for the pyrolysis of problematic wastes. At that time still under contract as a technical director for Loacker Recycling, he decided to fully concentrate on R-Power in 2013.


In the same year, R-Power and the University of Innsbruck cooperated in a research project in which the pyrolysisreactor was optimized. Furthermore R-Power began to assist recycling companies through consulting and coaching as well as the plant engineering and project management branch of R-Power was successfully established.


In 2015 Michael Meirer joins R-Power as a managing director. The fusion of both Blauensteiner’s and Meirer’s skills signifies a perfect combination of long standing, profound experience and up-to-date scientific knowledge. Additionally, Blauensteiner and Meirer share a passion for innovation which allows them to find individual, innovative and sustainable solutions for their clients.

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