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Michael Meirer already aimed at and worked towards a position in consulting during his studies of Industrial Environmental Protection and Process Engineering respectively Industrial Energy Technology at the University of Leoben. Therefore, he already began collecting specific work experience during his studies with longer employment at the following companies:





In the latter company (Thöni Industrials) Michael Meirer was the assistant of the technical director as well as project manager for process engineering of the biowaste treatment plant of the AVA Augsburg. He also successfully completed his Master thesis focusing on the potentials of the reduction of emissions for waste treatment plants at Thöni Industrials.

His enthusiasm for research and development led him to the University of Innsbruck in the field of Environmental Technology - Waste Treatment and Resource Management, where he began a doctorate. At the same time he started to teach at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein where he currently covers 14 different courses, dealing with different fields of business and engineering. The following is an excerpt of his present classes:

  • Business Case Energy Technology
  • Renewable Energy Technologies I & II
  • Distributed Energy Generation Technologies
  • Conventional Power Plant Technologies
  • Introduction to Energy Industry
  • Integrative case studies (several industrial projects that were each accompanied one semester)
  • Performance-Oriented Energy Supply

Michael Meirer has also begun to teach at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna as an external lecturer in 2014.


He joins R-Power as a managing director in 2015 and is looking forward to skilfully collaborate with co-managing director Franz Blauensteiner adding further expertise and power to the company.



Mobil: +43 (0) 676 9178375+43 (0) 676 9178375

E-Mail: michael.meirer@r-power.at

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